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    Dish detergents, are designed to remove oils, grease, food, etc., and they do a great job. They also do a good job removing waxes, polymers and silicones which all form a protective layer on your car's bodywork and preserve the paint quality, appearance and shine of your car. For best results, always use a pH balanced car wash soap or shampoo with glossing conditioners.

    Cleaning is not the same as washing. Paint cleaning is the process of removing oxidation and bonded contamination. Your car's paint can look shiny and be very dirty. The best inspection is with your hands, not your eyes. So, after you wash and dry your car, feel the paint with your finger tips. Is it smooth like satin, or do your fingers drag on the rough, bumpy surface? This roughness needs to come off as your car will never look as good if it’s polished and waxed when infected by oxidation and bonded contamination and the appearance will only get worse over time. This is the purpose of detailing clay and pre-wax polishing. Detail clay removes all of the surface contamination without damaging the surface or thinning the clearcoat. A machine buffed polish following this will undoubtedly lead to a superior shine and bring out the true properties of your paintwork.

    No, unfortunately swirl marks are actually paint damage -- scratches to be exact -- and the only remedy is to polish them away. It's very difficult to remove swirl marks by hand on clearcoat finishes, so a car polisher is essential. It used to be that you could wax your car with a good cleaner wax and the polishing abrasives in the wax would clean, polish and protect your car in a single step. This type of treatment no longer works on clear coat finishes. In fact, some of the older cleaner wax products will scour a modern clearcoat finish. For best results you need to use two steps: polish to remove swirl marks and wax to protect. We use a multitude of Meguiars products to produce the best polish and shine and remove scratch and swirl marks (Meguairs Compound Cleaner, Meguiars Speedy Glaze, Yellow Wax, Meguiars ScratchX, Meguairs SwirlX, etc).

    This is kind of like saying guns kill. No, people kill and sometimes they use guns. That's kind of how it is with polishers. A dual-action car polisher is a very safe tool if you follow basic precautions and when operated by an experience technician.

    Never use diapers, old t-shirts, old bath towels, etc., on your car. They may feel soft, but they are stitched with polyester thread which will scratch and swirl your car's clearcoat. We only use microfiber towels designed for car detailing, like Meguiars Supreme Shine Microfiber.

    The fact of the matter is, car waxes and paint sealants are getting much better, but our environment is getting much worse. There is simply no way to guarantee the protective time of a car wax because every car, every car owner and every location is different. The best advice is to wax your car at least every 6 months particularly when environmental conditions are as harsh as is the case in Dubai and the UAE.