Welcome to Zain Car Care  

    If you used Zain Car Care’s service’s before and are considering doing so again, why not join Zain Car Care’s Loyalty Scheme?

    The registration process is simple and the only requirement is that you have spent 1,000 Dhs or more on any of our services over the last 12 months.  We keep a record of all our customers so just fill out the form below and join us on Facebook.  

    As a Loyalty Scheme member you will receive the following benefits -

    *** 30% discount on all of our car detailaing packages

    *** 40% discount on any bodywork services. 

    *** 70% Discount on Special One-Off Loyalty SchemeOffers

    One you fill out the registration form you will be emailed a distinct Membership Number that you will need to provide us when taking advantage of your Loyalty Scheme discount.  As a member you will be able to share the benefits of our discounted servies with your spouse as well as your children.

    Don’t waste any time in taking advantage of our fantastic Loyalty scheme.

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