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The UAE Enviroment and Car Care

Ultimately a car is an asset to any household not only because it is a virtual necessity in the UAE but because its usually it requires a considerable investment to purchase. Consequently it makes sense that all owners should protect the condition and value of such an asset.

The environmental conditions in the UAE (high temperature, extreme sunshine, high humidity, dust, dirt, etc) are so harsh that car maintenance is practically a necessity.

Some of the different types of damage that can be caused particularly due to the UAE’s environment are listed below.

Dirty/Dusty Upholstery

The wind carries an enormous amount of fine dust in Dubai which when coupled with the higher humidity and the use of air conditioning in all cars makes fabric and leather upholstery soak up these fine particles. Consequently seats and other car furnishings in an environment such as Dubai contain typically twice as much dirt as their counterparts in Europe and the US. These dust particles (essentially dirt) not only dull and stain the interior appearance of your vehicle but also have health implications, particularly for young children. It is therefore highly advisable to have the interior of your car professionally cleaned and shampooed every 6 months and certainly no less than once a year.

Dull Contaminated Paintwork

The extreme sunshine, pollution and dirt continually damage the bodywork of any car in Dubai due to the creation of oxidation and bonded contaminants. The contaminants which stick to the clear coat on your car's paintwork erode its appearance making it appear less shiny and blemished. These contaminants cannot be removed by simply washing your car as they are effectively lodged into your paintwork. Getting your clayed before it is polished would lead to a far superior shine. The application of wax would than protect this shine and also your cars paintworkl.

Scratched and Dented Bodywork

The small stones on the road and congested conditions regularly create scratches/chips in addition to small dents on the car's bodywork. A compromised exterior suffers enormously in humid conditions and over time small imperfections to the bodywork will only get worse making the cost of repair higher. Small scratches to the clear coat can be polished out through buffing but larger scratches and chips should be filled and section sprayed through SMART to ensure that the defected area does not continue to erode. SMART is ultimately a far cheaper solution to new panels and a full re-spray. A well maintained and glossy exterior is probably the single biggest factor affecting the sale and purchase price of cars.

Dirty Greasy Engine

The dirty conditions which are commonplace in Dubai combined with the higher mileages that are typically driven play havoc with your engine's working components making it even more imperative to have your engine degreased and steam cleaned regularly. There are many advantages to engine degreasing, including safety. If an engine is leaking oil, degreasing the engine helps to prevent fire as the oil soaks the exhaust system. It also provides a way to locate hard-to-find leaks. It is also good to keep the oil and grease off of all the rubber parts and gaskets as oil tends to react with rubber, causing it to become soft and disintegrate

The Global Environment

Zain Car Care is committed to the environment and sensitive to the size of its carbon footprint. We are involved in a variety of initiatives to increase the efficiency of our business and thereby lower our consumption of energy and water and at the same time make financial contributions to a number of causes that support a "cleaner and greener" environment in the UAE and the world.