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The following table provides a guideline for all types of Bodywork Repair. This should not be considered as a final price but rather as a good guide for the cost associated to the using a particular repair technique for correcting bodywork damage.

Pricing Guidelines Small/Medium Car Large Car

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) – Price is Per Dent

525 Dhs

525 Dhs

SMART Repair – Based on Single Defect to Any Panel (Apart from Bonnet)

630 Dhs

740 Dhs

SMART Repair – Based on Single Defect to Bonney

800 Dhs

900 Dhs

Full Panel Repair – (Apart From Bonnet & Roof)

800 Dhs

900 Dhs

Full Panel Repair – Bonnet & Roof

900 Dhs

1000 Dhs

Road Accident / Large Collision

Specific Damage Needs to Be Inspected

Specific Damage Needs to Be Inspected

*** A panel is simply a section of the car. For example a door is one panel, a bumper is another panel, a bonnet is a another panel, etc.

In order to determine the exact cost of the service please contact Zain Car Care directly. Generally the cost of this service is dependent on three things –

(1) The make/model of your car

(2) The colour of your car

(3) Which panel(s) are being repaired/resprayed.

(4) The specific extent of the damage

For minor repair work (scratches, parking dents, etc) particularly for the Full Panel Repair the guideline above is suffienct to determine the exact price.

For damage caused by road accidents or other collisions where panels are bent, crushed or twisted we will need to inspect the vehicle first prior to providing a quotation.

All of our bodywork assignments are carried out using factory recommended processes and best quality materials to ensure that the repair work is of the highest standard and the finish absolutely flawless. We are so confident of our work that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our paintwork - it will never age differently to factory produced panels!