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    Yes. We are able to provide accurate quotations (+/- 100 Dhs) for minor damages to the bodywork such as scratches, scrapes and dents caused by parking incidents. For major collision type of damage we will need to view the car before providing an accurate quotation.

    Yes. For every bodywork assignment requiring paintwork we have the paint especially made based on the colour code of your vehicle. All cars contain the colour code either under the bonnet or written on the edge of the driver’s door. This code allows us to exactly match the colour of the paint we use to the rest of your car as it was provided by your vehicle manufacturer.

    Yes. We provide a lifetime guarantee on any repair and repaint of your car. That’s how confident we are on the quality of our work.

    Sometimes. PDR is very effective but the type and positioning of the dent is extremely important in determining whether it can be removed in its entirely or whether a small kink will remain.

    No. We will need to inspect the car to see whether the area in question is one where SMART repair will be effective. In the event that it isn’t the entire panel may need to be painted in order to leave a flawless finnish.

    It will between 24 to 36 hours.

    No. Our work is flawless in quality and we are open to anyone coming and inspecting any finished cars to try and see what panel has been repainted or repaired.

    Generally if you can feel the scratch the paintwork is impaired. If you can see the scratch but can’t feel it then generally it can be polished out from your clearcoat.