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Zain Car Care is a British owned and managed company established in 2010 to serve a growing need for professional car care services in Dubai.

We have expanded quickly since our inception and earned a reputation for consistently providing the highest standard of workmanship and customer service coupled with extremely competitive prices. Zain Car Care currently provides a full range of car detailing and bodywork services to private and corporate clients as well as mechanical and electrical services to our insurance companies. We are based at our 16,000 sq feet workshop at the heart of Dubai's car market in Ras Al Khor to continue to build out the services we offer.

Car care is as much a science as it is an art of understanding the nuances or cars in general. Our technicians are highly qualified with many years of experience but also have a passion for their work and in achieving the highest level of finishing. We pride ourselves on the quality and standard of our work. Our goal for every single assignment regardless of its complexity is to provide our clients with the very best service, work, price and experience!!

Car Detailing


Zain Car Care currently provides a full range of car detailing services. We understand paint and its defects extremely well and are able to produce some of the clearest mirror shines and correct some of the deepest flaws with our paint polishing expertise. We also offer the full array of detailing services associated to upholstery, fixtures, engines, wheels, lights, etc. While others may compromise on the quality of products they use, we detail all our cars with Meguiars products.

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Our bodywork is widely acknowledged as being of the highest quality. We carry out all types of repairs such as SMART (Small Medium Area Repair Technique), PDR, Full panel repair as well as complete vehicle resprays. All of our paintwork is carried out using factory coded/designated paint and our process is consistent with industry guidelines and recommended practices.

The quality of our work is flawless! We service predominantly showroom clients in Dubai and we produce nothing less than showroom quality consistently.


    • Happy customer
    • "Great job and service ! Car got picked up on time and returned on time. Staff was very friendly and honest. I have no hesitation in recommending Zain to anyone who wants to give their car some TLC ! "
      Happy customer

    • Extremely Satisfied
    • "Good service in Dubai is extremely rare and I did not think that my car would come back looking as great as it did. My children had made quite a mess of my car, and I was pleasantly shocked when I saw my car looking brand spanking new!!! I have already gladly recommended you to all my friends and will continue to do so. Thank you and keep up the great work! "
      Shelagh Estment
      Extremely Satisfied

    • Customer
    • "AwaahSUUMM!!! - Truly Awesome Great job, got the car back in brand new condition, everything was done very well with good service, not common in Dxb. Highly Recommended!!! "

    • Audit Senior - Deloitte
    • "I had numerous scratches on my 4*4 on all 4 doors (one being a LARGE scratch about 30 cms times 2 cm wide from a hit and run) and when I asked for quotes from Max or Nissan they quoted me more than AED 4000 !! I approached Zain Care who handled it so professionally and timely for less than AED 2000 - that shows value for money and customer loyalty ! I highly recommend Zain ! Th... "
      A Heera
      Audit Senior - Deloitte

    • Nice Job!
    • "Had heard good things about Zain's work so gave you a try. Am glad I did. Thank you for doing a fab job on my car! "
      Nice Job!

    • Really Impressed!
    • "Well its rare to get good customer service in Dubai from my experience and even rarer to get top quality work. I had small dents and scratches on all of the doors on my BMW and spoke to the dealer about having it repaired and was quoted a small fortune by them. A friend of mine than recommended Zain Car Care to me and while I was sceptical at first I am really impressed by the ... "
      Really Impressed!

    • Fitness Coach/Instructer - Dubai
    • "Its never easy to sell your car at the asking price but I pretty much managed that after getting Zain to give it a thorough clean and polish. Definitely a must for people looking to sell cars from my perspective. "
      Paul Ince
      Fitness Coach/Instructer - Dubai

    • very happy customer
    • "Fabulous service - customer care isn't something I expect in Dubai but Saif and his crew couldn't have been more attentive AND they did a superb job both our cars. Couldn't recommend them highly enough. carolynmcnamara@hotmail.com "
      very happy customer

    • Engr
    • "I bought a signature detailing package from a deal site, I tought it will be a substandard package but when I saw my car I could not believe my eye's.Excellent "
      Kamran Ahmed

    • Regional Finance Director
    • "What a fantastic job done. Zain car care exceeded my expectations by a mile. I recalled the day I picked up my car from AGMC, and it actually looked better. The staff were extremely friendly and very supportive, and I could see that they have spared no effort to do an excellent job. i am really excited and very proud of my car now. Thank you Zain Car Care from the bottom of my ... "
      Ezzeddin Dajani
      Regional Finance Director

    • Manager
    • "Zain painted our Camaro, my wife absolutely loves it. It is now PINK and everyone who has seen it has said what an amazing job was done on the Paint job. the inside and outside was painted. FANTASTIC!!! "
      bryn rees

    • :-)
    • "I was stunned.... wen you deliver our car in midriff yesterday (June 3,2013) -Total make over- that was our first reaction...it was perfect! The scratches were gone, the headlights has been restored it was great! An the interior.. what can I say it was my favorite part, I check every corner and part and all I can say is...You guys rock!!! I will definitely call you again for th... "